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Amazon Dynamo DB

The Dynamo feature published by Amazon, which inspired open-source NoSQL products including Apache Cassandra, Riak, Voldemort has gone commercial.


Age of the Millennial ! \m/

We speak with flair, We speak with authority !

We Expect things to happen, we expect things to be non hypocritical !!

We are not just another brick in the Wall any more, or are we ?!! \m/


They know what you downloaded last summer

How would you react if someone showed you all that you have been downloading using torrents?


Chrome Pain Chronicles

Since some days, my PC has been having a bad time with multitasking.
Turned out chrome was the culprit.
Google Chrome uses many operating system processes to keep web sites separate from each other and from the rest of your computer.


Wikileaks takes a leak

In a statement posted on, WikiLeaks appealed to its supporters to immediately donate money to keep the site running.
It said that an “unlawful financial blockade” by several of the world’s largest transaction-processing companies had “destroyed” 95% of its support.